Jason Bennett is a singer/songwriter/oil artist who has been composing songs on his acoustic guitar since he was a teenager growing up on the west coast.  He has written, recorded and produced 9 CD's of original, earthy, acoustic-based music. His songs have been used as background music in television shows, commercials and radio stations all over the world.  His latest CD, The Songs of Jason Bennett, features 16 of Jason's original compositions and features himself on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica alongside other musicians helping out in the studio on cello, violin, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, banjos and earthy traditional instrumentation. 

Some of Jason's popular songs include Mindchange, Goodnight Suzanne, New Start, The First Hundred Miles, Snap My Fingers, How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You), Run My Fingers Through Your Hair, She Spit My Heart Out On Raton Pass, This Old Boat And Me, and many, many more.

Jason is also an oil painter and his paintings focus on abstract realism folk art. You can view his paintings on this website as well. Influenced by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Bob Dylan and Richard Diebenkorn, Jason has developed a distinctive style with ragged textures and muted tones that weave together impressionism and folk art into something new, but with an obvious appreciation of the past.