'This is one truly easygoing, congenial and engaging album. With guitarists Rich Currier and Dan Dameron as nearly all the support, it's really lean. Jason Bennett's songs feel gentle despite the turmoil often within them. The one cover is Bob Dylan's 'Shooting Star,' an excellently chosen complement to the originals. An aura of wisdom and lessons learned permeates the set. From the opener 'Too Damn Fast,' a pitch for taking an easy pace of life, to the closer, 'Daddy's Hand' for his son, the album quickly becomes a welcome friend. Nice to make your acquaintance, Jason.' SING OUT! MAGAZINE Summer, 2008 issue


"Bennett's honest voice is the centerpiece of his songs. The voice is complemented by fine guitar and harmonica work, haunting cello, and lyrics that have something to say." - The Colorado Springs Gazette


"It's sweetly melancholic, acoustic folk that effortlessly mixes with country - not unlike the early material of Bob Dylan." - The Colorado Springs Independent


 As relevant now, it seems, as it was when written in the '60s, is Jason's cover of Bob Dylan's "Let Me Die in My Footsteps." Bennett does a wonderful job in trying to live up to one of his greatest musical influences. His emulation of Dylan's singing (if we can call it singing) style is in no way forced, but is lovingly and successfully attempted. If there were one song I would hope to be pushed for radio time, it would be this one. I admire Bennett for the certain bravery in which he covered this Dylan tune out of the vast options available, all the more because "Let Me Die in My Footsteps" was never released on any Dylan LP. - Rambles.net