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The Songs of Jason Bennett
16-Song CD

Jason Bennett's latest CD, The Songs of Jason Bennett, is NOW AVAILABLE! The CD features 16 of Jason's most well-known songs.

1. How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You)

2. She Spit My Heart Out On Raton Pass

3. Let It Lie

4. New Start

5. Mindchange

6. Between My Lines

7. Snap My Fingers

8. You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine

9. Is It Love

10. Cortez Blues

11. Take Me Back to the Day

12. The Real Me

13. Run My Fingers Through Your Hair

14. Jason Bennett's 115th Dream

15. Goodnight Suzanne

16. This Old Boat and Me

The Ash Season

The Ash Season is Jason Bennett's 9th CD and was released to the world on November 12, 2013. The CD was produced both in Nashville, TN and Colorado Springs, CO and features Nashville genius Brian Irwin, Colorado Springs musicians Randy Ruebsamen and Paula Wulf and Colorado legend, Rich Currier. The 5-song EP features four original songs by Bennett and one Bob Dylan song, Abandoned Love. The album also features one composition by Jason Bennett and longtime collaborator, Rauly Curran. The album features acoustic guitars, banjos and all kinds of implements of destruction. Album artwork by Seattle artist, Christopher Dougherty.


Walsenburg Line
4-song EP

"Walsenburg Line" is Jason's 8th CD and is a 4-song EP which was released late summer 2011. The CD features the talented Brian Irwin in Nashville. Banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitars, this is truly an original Americana/folk/country record. The songs were all written by Jason and represent that lonesome Americana spirit.

1. She Spit My Heart Out On Raton Pass

2. Take Me Back To The Day

3. Cortez Blues

4. How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You)

Positively Pikes Peak-The Pikes Peak Region Sings Bob Dylan
13 Local Colorado Artists Doing the Songs of Bob Dylan

The Pikes Peak region of Colorado has been inspiring writers, painters, photographers and musicians throughout American history. For those of us lucky enough to live here, it provides a constant fountain of creativity. It is in this spirit that we bring you Positively Pikes Peak – The Pikes Peak Region Sings Bob Dylan. Using the solid foundation of songs from one of the most influential songwriters of our time, the artists represented here have decorated their favorite Dylan tunes with their own unique Colorado style. I hope you enjoy the album and that every song becomes a small, Colorado souvenir.


1. Boots of Spanish Leather - Lindsay Weidmann

2. Time Passes Slowly - Ted Shinn

3. Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Andrew de Naray

4. Baby, You've Been On My Mind - Jeff Moats

5. Not Dark Yet - Randy Ruebsamen

6. Lay Lady Lay - Rick Stahl

7. You Ain't Going Nowhere - Steele, Diamond, Louis & Hall

8. Tell Ol' Bill - Jeremy "Doc" Hodges

9. Meet Me In The Morning - Heather Gunn

10. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You - Barry Beard

11. Make You Feel My Love - Bill W. & Misti Walker

12. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - Ryan Kulp

13. Let Me Die in My Footsteps - Jason Bennett

Slow It Down, Take a Step Back

'Slow It Down, Take a Step Back' is the fifth full-length CD release by folk singer-songwriter Jason Bennett. The CD features nine original songs composed by Bennett and one Bob Dylan cover, Shooting Star. On this recording you will hear acoustic and pedal-steel guitars, a lonesome harmonica and delicate, warm vocals cradled with shimmering harmonies. You will hear children’s laughter. You will hear rain and thunder. You will hear songs that cry out in desperation, close to the point of giving up; “I cried for the first hundred miles. And I cried for a thousand more. And I tried to put it all behind me. But that ain’t working anymore.”

How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You)

Download Jason's song, "How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You)" right here. It is one hell of a creeper of a song about lost love, lost highways and the vast American West. The song sneaks up on you and stays for a while, kind of like a sunset on Raton Pass.

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